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A Medium Editor for WordPress

    Lots of people like WordPress. Lots of people LOVE Medium. Those people all use them for different things but in the end, it’s all about writing, and Medium has WordPress beat in that department, which I’ve written about numerous times. It’s why Matt M. et al are constantly scrambling and trying to play catch-up to Medium’s editing experience. And Medium’s writing experience is why so many people love it. Even though I’m a huge WordPress fan, obviously, it’s a tool for other things than blogging, which is ironic since that is what it’s known for in many non-tech circles. In fact I maintain 6 blogs on Medium.

    WordPress recently put out Gutenberg, and then backed up that thang because of a stupid planning error regarding the React.js license. But in the meantime, plenty of plugin developers work on building a plugin that replicates the Medium editing experience. I haven’t found any that do so satisfactorily. However this one shows the most promise of any I’ve come across to date. Give it a try and see what you think. WP-Medium Editor.