Merry go round details.

Domain Auctions

    I recently bid on a domain name, on a total whim, and won. The Tld is Nothing exciting or anything I needed. But I do often find myself in need of a spare URL to use for development purposes. Plus 3 digit urls are getting scarce, and the .io tld is fairly popular, despite standing for input/output, which doesn’t always seem appropriate. But it’s “techy” I suppose.

    The company the had the auction, who I don’t even remember, said that enom central was the registrar and to log into/manage my account, talk to them.

    So Clarence then at enom, after giving me some serious attitude, told me NameCheap had bought the domain registry rights. So I sighed heavily and contacted NameCheap. They were helpful, and I’ve always liked NameCheap. But they pointed out with a whois search that some company in Germany now was the registrar. Holy Crap! This has been over about a 2 week period. I don’t know about Germany, but in the US this is known as a “Wild goose chase.”

    I emailed the German company at their email address registered on their whois. No response. Am I really going to have to call these German nincompoops to find out what the deal is with my domain name? It appears so. Stay tuned…