michael musgrove marketing mogul

…And Sabbatical’s Over.

    Well, looks like yours truly will be rejoining the workforce earlier than planned for some unforeseen reasons. There’s good and bad coming out of the transition, so let’s focus on the good.

    The internet is still around, so that’s good for business. Although technology changes by the nanosecond, the core skills and languages are still the standards. HTML, CSS JavaScript and all the front-end jazz are still what 99.9% of the internet consists of. I don’t do mobile apps for money, and it isn’t something offered in-house. Yet. You do something for seven years you don’t tend to forget it after a few months. And even though I haven’t been doing it for money, I still maintain and participate in development and design and WordPress fun. I choose to do what I do.

    Remote work and/or local to Louisville, KY are the goals. Louisville has some good firms but they all typically are modeled on ad agencies, which sort of makes sense, but not ideal for my purposes. There just typically isn’t a role for someone with an MBA and lots of business and marketing chops, plus graphic design, web dev, etc… There are usually a lot of AEs, a few designers a few devs and it’s a revolving-door system with everyone but the CEO usually on pins and needles. I’m generalizing of course.

    I’ve been eager to get back to work, and doubly-so now. Check out my professional profile if you’re interested in making more money. (Queue: You want to make more money? Sure! We all do!) Time to get on some marketing.